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SMI team your contact persons

You can contact Mrs. Dierich via our head office. She is your first contact person for all concerns - be it new inquiries, questions about offers, orders or technical and general queries. We look forward to hearing from you!

Central office

Fon: +49 2335 9608-0
E-Mail: info(at)

Julia Fischer

Fon: +49 2335 9608-0
E-Mail: julia.fischer(at)

Susanne Jabs

Management · finance
Fon: +49 2335 9608-0
E-Mail: susanne.jabs(at)

Manuela Dierich

Fon: +49 2335 9608-11
E-Mail: manuela.dierich(at)

Rolf Bösken

Technical management
Fon: +49 2335 9608-16
E-Mail: rolf.boesken(at)

Robin Selbach

Vice technical management
Fon: +49 2335 9608-21
E-Mail: robin.selbach(at)

Murat Bakir

Technical assistant
Fon: +49 2335 9608-13
E-Mail: murat.bakir(at)

Stefan Kellmann

Production management
Fon: +49 2335 9608-32
E-Mail: stefan.kellmann(at)

Malorie Daniel-Songalama

Assembly and service planning
Fon: +49 2335 9608-18
E-Mail: malorie.daniel-songalama(at)

Contact our representatives and partners and international inquiries:

We are happy to establish contact between you and our sales representative or our international partners.
Please contact the head office.

Fon: +49 2335 9608-0